Tell-all Trump book hits the shelves

Trump launches Twitter tirade first day back

Michael Wolff Says Trump's Associates Question His Fitness

He also said he had spoken to Trump since the inauguration.

Even the Moravian Book Shop's secondary warehouses are out of stock, said Janelle Lockett, who runs the book department.

His own aides call him a "moron", a "man-child" and an "idiot". And what they mean by that is he has a need for immediate gratification.

"Trump responded in his fashion - We'll sue! - and set her up with lawyers". However Mr Bannon is quoted in the book as saying: "They're going to crack Don Junior like an egg on national TV".

It's also focused attention on Wolff, who has been described as a provocateur who loves the spotlight - except when it moves on.

The Palm Beach Book Store is open Saturday and Sunday at 9 a.m. What was he here for?

Bloomberg's Kevin Cirilli discusses the new book about President Trump from Michael Wolff. That may be the case, but he may not be comfortable with the potential influx of lawsuits heading his way. Wolff wrote. "It was a process of suggesting, in throw-it-against-the-wall style, what the president might want, and hoping he might then think that he had thought of this himself". "We looked at the logs". I think he makes points.

"One hundred percent of the people around him" question Trump's fitness for office, Wolff said in an interview with NBC's "Today" show. After the president lashed out over the book [VIDEO] on more than one occasion, a host on Fox News criticized Trump bringing the publication so much attention.

While Wolff stands by his reporting, Trump and his associates are not the only ones questioning the author's veracity. But I don't know - I'm trying not to be on a side - it's like Mom and Dad had a little bit of a disagreement.

Obscurity is a threat to Wolff no longer.

His incendiary new book on President Donald Trump is drawn from what he said was regular access to the West Wing and more than 200 interviews, including some three hours with Trump himself. Despite Trump's best efforts to dismiss the contents, it has only brought the book more attention while making it a best seller in the process.

Sometimes I have let the players offer their versions, in turn allowing the reader to judge them.

That's the kind of message that can win.

The author of the controversial tell-all book on Donald Trump's presidency claims he did not pursue the book to take down the president.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders describes the book as "trashy tabloid fiction" and says the President was "furious" when he learned about it.

After the election, the 64-year-old took on the role of chief strategist - an influential, coveted position, on par with the White House chief of staff.

Excerpts from the book have revealed Wollf has claimed the US President does not read or "even skim" through documents as he is "semi-literate", and suffers from dyslexia.

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