Microsoft opens the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update floodgates

The Edge Hub

The Edge Hub

For instance, this past October Microsoft added a Controlled folder access feature to Windows Defender Security for Windows 10 users to prevent malicious (or unexpected) alteration of important files. A few months ago, it boasted that it's "raising the bar" for security in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, and also showcased data to indicate how its latest operating system prevented the spread of the Petya outbreak.

Microsoft overhauled labeling of the various stages in its Windows 10 servicing plan last year, changing both the initial push and the subsequent delivery to enterprises - dubbed "Current Branch" and "Current Branch for Business", respectively - to "Semi-Annual Channel".

Microsoft finally released a new Windows 10 build after the three week Christmas break. Microsoft also made accessibility improvements when using Narrator to browse, search, or load a book. The browser now includes a completely revamped book reading experience, thanks to the improved user-interface and animations. Users of assistive technology will also find several improvements to viewing PDFs or Books with a screen reader, including more explicit narration when opening, loading, and navigating books.

The latest Unigram version, a third-party Telegram client, comes with chat and app performance improvements.

The Near Share feature that allows you to easily wirelessly share files between PCs in close proximity - it's basically Microsoft's take on Apple's AirDrop - has also been worked upon to make it more reliable. They can also update their device or personalize the settings including their active hours, restart options and other advanced options in the Windows Update settings menu. The tools are designed to give IT departments greater visibility into ready-to-upgrade systems so that administrators can pull the refresh trigger faster.

The new reading experience
The new reading experience

TCPcloud Presents supports remote updating, and other useful features for kiosk mode operations. However, one such change was not listed in the official changelog: an updated look for the Microsoft Messaging app. For instance, Edge will now automatically fill your card information on payment web forms. Only now has the upgrade been declared okay for business. The twice-per-year feature update release cycle reflects our commitment to innovate and to make it easier to disrupt successful attack techniques with new protection features.

Microsoft's Windows 10 Fall Creators Update release is officially ready for deployment by businesses, officials said on January 11.

Microsoft Edge now supports auto-filling of saved passwords when browsing InPrivate.

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