NYT White House Correspondent Doubts Michael Wolff's Trustworthiness

Book cover for"Fire and Fury Inside the Trump White House by Michael Wolff

Late Friday, Trump blasted Wolff as a "total loser", and the president mocked his former campaign chairman and White House adviser, Stephen Bannon, who was a key source for the book.

After President Donald Trump threatened legal action to prevent the publication of Wolff's book, officially released on Friday, Wolff defended his journalistic integrity during an interview on NBC's "Today" show on Friday morning.

"Sloppy" joins the ranks of other monikers Trump has bestowed on his foes in the past, including "Lyin' Ted" Cruz, "Little Marco" Rubio, "Liddle" Bob Corker, "Low Energy Jeb" Bush and "Crooked Hillary" Clinton.

The book quickly sold out in shops in the US capital, with some even lining up at midnight to get their hands on it and others circulating pirated copies.

The tweet, since its conception some eight hours ago at time of writing, has received over 35,000 replies - a solid mix of agreement and disagreement with Trump's point - but who knew that Mark Hamill himself would take time out of his day to share his two cents.

On Thursday, Trump claimed on Twitter that he gave Wolff "zero access" to the White House for his book and said he "never spoke to him for the book". It depicts a chaotic White House, a president who was ill-prepared to win the office in 2016, and Trump aides who scorned his abilities. In 2004, The New Republic said the scenes in his columns "aren't recreated so much as created - springing from Wolff's imagination rather than from actual knowledge of events".

Others have said that the book, while filled with new and lurid details, corroborates previous reporting about the Trump White House.

However, it's not just the "fake news" and Michael Wolff who have raised concerns about Trump's mental health recently. Trump wrote in the first tweet.

"I voted for Trump, I didn't vote for Bannon", said the highest-rated comment at Breitbart.com on Thursday, "I'll stick with Trump, thanks".

In Washington, D.C., people waited outside bookstores in extremely cold weather to buy the book. For this reason, he said the White House is "sitting on a beach trying to stop a Category Five" hurricane.

Asked whether Bannon was the main person leaking information to Wolff, Sanders said Bannon "spent a lot more time with reporters than he ever did with the president".

They also have separate bedrooms at the White House, the explosive tell-all claims.

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When Bannon was fired, Trump said, "he not only lost his job, he lost his mind".

Wolff's book also claims President Trump eats McDonald's because he fears being poisoned.

Wolff went on to say that he has recordings of some of those conversations. Do not cut, copy or lift any content from this website without our consent.

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