Brady scheduled to speak about hand injury today

ESPN has a little less than 48 hours to speculate on whether Tom Brady will play in the AFC Championship.

Brady participated in warm-ups but not the practice session that followed, according to the team's injury report.

In the past few days, much has been said about the condition of Tom Brady's right hand that he reportedly suffered an injury to earlier this week. Precautionary X-rays showed no structural damage. If anyone can do it, it is Brady, and if anyone can prepare for it, it's Belichick.

But the only reason you're not picking Jacksonville after you have lauded Jacksonville's defense all week is because you are scared to death, not of Blake Bortles, but of Tom Brady.

And while I'm here let me say this loud and clear: if you don't think Tom Brady is playing on Sunday, well you're just a insane person.

Given Brady's injury, did you consider bringing in a third quarterback just in case?

Brady is listed as questionable for Sunday after being a limited participant in practice Friday.

- Tom Brady could have waved everyone off Friday with both red gloves and said, "Don't worry".

Brady didn't practice on Thursday, but unless the injury is much worse than anyone is letting on, he should still start on Sunday, rendering the whole discussion moot.

That said, the Patriots' nine-point line is ridiculous. Brady was present for stretching. "We're going to go out there and give it everything because it's the championship, baby".

"Why are you wearing gloves inside?" one reporter asked. Brady is expected to play, but if the injury is to his thumb, as is being speculated, that is serious. Even Hoyer acknowledged that the Brady being ready to go would be best for the team, but no matter how things play out, he'll be ready to go. "The team has worked hard to get to this point". Whether I do or I don't, that's not really up to me. But I believe this Vikings team is more talented across the board. And now I don't know.

Hoyer said he didn't see Brady's injury occur. "I think the one good thing for me coming back in the middle of the season, I had a base knowledge of the system and have just tried to pick up every week after that".

"The world may never know", White said.

Whenever Brady struggles in the playoffs, it is against a good defense. I don't really remember. Like I said, that is what I am anxious about. "You'd have to ask him that".

Sunday will mark Shatley's 47 appearance spanning his four National Football League seasons should he see any game action against the top-seeded Patriots.

The Jaguars defense will need a better performance than they put together last Sunday when they were shredded by the Steelers in a 45-42 divisional-round upset in Pittsburgh. It is the hand he throws with.

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