Republicans, Democrats remain in standoff after first day of US government shutdown

Republicans, Democrats remain in standoff after first day of US government shutdown

Republicans, Democrats remain in standoff after first day of US government shutdown

Friday night, Republican Senators didn't receive the 60 votes needed to pass a short-term spending bill.

Trump had portrayed himself as the ultimate dealmaker, but his inability to cut a deal despite having a Republican majority in both houses of Congress marked arguably the most debilitating setback for his administration.

The key issue that is causing the shutdown is differences in THE Deferred Action for Childhood arrivals also known as DACA.

Still, President Trump was tweeting before dawn on Saturday. "It's impossible to negotiate with a constantly moving target", said Schumer.

There have been four government shutdowns since 1990. He accused the Obama White House of purposefully closing high-profile federal sites to reap political gain.

Schumer said trying to negotiate with Trump "was like negotiating with Jell-O". Instead, they traded accusations of responsibility for the shutdown. "(House) Speaker (Paul) Ryan has found this out".

However, the impact will be far greater if the stalemate spills into the new working week. "President Trump is so mercurial it's been impossible to get him to agree to anything".

The legislation would have provided a fiscal rescue package to keep funding the government until 16 February which means currently the government has run out of money.

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On Friday, just hours before the midnight deadline, Schumer met with the President at the White House, but the two men could not come to a consensus, and Schumer returned to the Hill without a deal in place.

Democrats pointed to President Trump's inconsistent statements on immigration to say he's an unreliable negotiating partner. "Once it gets to the point it's at now, it's about finding a way for both sides to save face". The bill is H.R. 2166 and is called the ASAP Act, which stands for Armed Services Always Paid.

As public servants, we take an oath to defend the constitution, not to assault the clear meaning in violation.

"You can hear the crickets chirping in the hallway", Connolly said on Saturday evening.

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It also came as protesters marched outside the White House in a reprise of the women's march from a year ago.

This time it's the members of the controlling majority Republicans who are packing it in-and in large numbers.

Trump tweeted earlier Thursday a message that was originally interpreted as disparaging of the current proposal to keep the government funded, though congressional Republicans later said the President was fully on board with that plan.

Senate Democrats don't, at the moment, appear to be bluffing that they'll oppose ending debate on this short-term funding bill.

The House voted Thursday night to avert a government shutdown, sending the bill on to the Senate, where its future is much less certain.

"We're just in a holding pattern".

Democrats want a decision to be made on DACA, but Republicans think it shouldn't be tied to a spending deal.

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