Rupert Murdoch Called President Trump a 'F**king Moron — BOOK CLAIM

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Rupert Murdoch Called President Trump a 'F**king Moron — BOOK CLAIM

Several independent sources have noted that author Wolff is known for publishing provocative material that has turned out to be unsubstantiated or disputed.

Indy Reads Books on Massachusetts Avenue got more than 20 phone calls Friday asking about the book.

'They didn't have any lawyers.

In a previous Twitter tirade, Mr Trump dismissed the book - said to be based on more than 200 interviews - as being "full of lies, misrepresentations and sources that don't exist". He said he was "comfortable" with all the reporting in the book.

"I knew it was going to be something pretty big", Matthew Alex told KOIN 6 News.

The portrait of Trump in the Wolff book is of a deeply mercurial man who seems to distrust everyone around him in some sort of rotating order.

Mr Bannon's view is that Mr Trump is not likely to make it to the end of his first term. "I don't know, but it certainly was not off the record".

The White House, however, continued to take a hard line against Bannon on Thursday. "I spoke to people who spoke to the president on a daily, sometimes minute-by-minute, basis".

People are falling for a made-up story about President Donald Trump spending hours a day watching "the gorilla channel".

Amazon (AMZN) customers purchasing the hardcover edition of "Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House", which publisher Henry Holt & Co. released four days ahead of schedule amid unexpectedly strong demand, will have to wait two to four weeks for shipping, according to the e-commerce site.

John Garamendi, a Democrat from California, said there are plenty of Republicans in Congress who agree with him that President Donald Trump is mentally unfit to hold office. "I owe them an enormous debt". Wolff suggested on "Today" that he believes Trump is deteriorating - noting that stories Trump would repeat every 30 minutes in conversations with friends he is now repeating every 10 minutes.

Jim Milliot, editorial director at Publisher's Weekly, said "Fire and Fury" is "one of the first must-reads that we have seen for an adult book in a number of years, especially on the nonfiction side".

Wolff has given Trump's allies fodder, particularly with an acknowledgement in the introduction that he could not resolve discrepancies between some accounts in a White House riven by rivalries.

"They thought - and there is a real question as to why they thought this - that they were gonna get a fair shake from Michael Wolff".

One person who was particular concerned?

Kushner was apparently one choice for Trump's chief of staff.

Conservative firebrand Ann Coulter reportedly put a stop to that. Wolff simply documents what others say privately about an administration that is dangerously erratic and incompetent. "But you can't. You just can't hire your children".

The book was originally slated for release on Jan. 9.

"What a f***ing idiot", Murdoch apparently said. These people at that level are the all-star big league ballplayers of American politics. Reporters from BuzzFeed, HuffPost, the Weekly Standard and Vice News hovered nearby. But he has made concessionary statements since Trump blasted him in a statement ("he lost his mind") on Wednesday.

Trump also reportedly asked Ailes to chair his campaign. "Smart!" Trump tweeted Friday morning.

Obscurity is a threat to Wolff no longer. "He had not grown up to be a thug, cop or priest - or a true politician".

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