Palestinian Communities' Union in Europe to hold meeting on Jerusalem and settlements

Palestinian protesters vent their anger at Mike Pence's visit

Palestinian protesters vent their anger at Mike Pence’s visit

Palestinians make up a large segment of Jordan's population, and the ruling Hashemite monarchy derives some of its political legitimacy from its historic role as custodian of Jerusalem's main Muslim shrine, the Al-Aqsa mosque, which is Islam's third holiest site.

Paychecks could also be disrupted if the shutdown drags on.

The vice president is scheduled to meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Reuven Rivlin, and to address the Knesset.

Abdullah said Jerusalem remains as important "to Muslims and Christians as it is to Jews", adding that he believed Jerusalem's status should be determined not unilaterally by the U.S. but as part of a "comprehensive" settlement of the conflict between Palestinians and Israelis.

But it's not just tragedy that causes Pence to rely on what he usually calls the "Old Book". Last week the Vice President received a special certificate marking the planting of tree in the Jerusalem hills honoring the people of Guatemala and their support from the creation of the State of Israel until today.

Vice President Mike Pence took a tough stance on the government shutdown while addressing troops overseas, accusing lawmakers of playing games with military salaries.

Roughly three hours later, the plane stopped to refuel at Ireland's Shannon Airport.

The International community considers Israel's administrative control over East Jerusalem an occupation since they invaded the area during the 1967 Arab War and then annexed it.

Pence's trip to the region was delayed for over a month as the U.S. decision on Jerusalem stirred widespread unrest and drew condemnation from regional leaders.

Republican Sen. Rand Paul is calling the shutdown blame game "ridiculous on both sides".

Confirming the administration's commitment to Central America in June, Pence called it a new era. He says he's opposed to short-term fiscal bills.

Hasten escorted Pence on several of his previous visits to Israel.

He was a vocal advocate for Israel's security fence and co-sponsored the Jerusalem Embassy and Recognition Act in 2011 to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's undivided capital.

"Some are motivated by biblical prophecy, but there's a broad array of views on biblical prophecy". He is now in the Middle East, visiting Jordan and Egypt. Hasten told World Israel News (WIN) there is no one in US politics who is more pro-Israel than Pence.

US President Donald Trump signing a proclamation that the US government will formally recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, at the White House in Washington, DC, December 6, 2017.

When Trump was in Israel in May, the visit to the Western Wall was a political hot potato.

He said that a meeting will be held on Sunday to discuss ways to strengthen popular resistance to end the Israeli occupation.

He says, "They need to open the government tonight or tomorrow and then we can start talking". He was the highest-ranking administration official to appear in person at the annual "March for Life" anti-abortion rally last year.

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