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Allies of Donald Trump have lined up to defend his mental stability in the face of a tell-all-style book that says his entire entourage views the U.S. president as unwell, compares him to a child, and discusses whether he might be removed from office.

He left his White House position reportedly to pursue the Trump agenda outside the confines of the White House, and immediately returned to Breitbart News.

The new book by Michael Wolff provides insight into the inner-workings of the Trump presidency and portrays an incompetent President in a confused White House.

The GAI is backed by the Mercer family, one of the largest benefactors for Trump's campaign.

"This is the reaction of people not in charge", he said. As for Wolff's work, Miller sneered: "A garbage author of a garbage book".

A GOP operative provided CNN a copy of the anti-Trump document.

The book describes the campaign room as Trump realised he had won the election.

He said people in the White House talk about it constantly.

Reagan died in 2004, at age 93, from pneumonia complicated by the Alzheimer's disease that had progressively clouded his mind.

Trump yesterday continued his daily assault on Fire and Fury and its author, tweeting that the book, which paints him as disengaged, ill-informed and unstable, with signs of serious memory loss, was a "Fake Book, written by a totally discredited author".

Bannon said Sunday he regretted not responding sooner to comments attributed to him in Wolff's book that were critical of Donald Trump Jr. "He asks really hard questions".

Steve Bannon is trying to make amends.

-The head of leading conservative group CPAC said it's not true the president absent-mindedly repeats the same story and can't grasp policy.

In an interview on MSNBC, host Chuck Todd pointed out the book had "a lot of little errors".

-Senators Tom Cotton and Lindsey Graham also defended the president. He still supports Robert Mueller's investigation, but believes there should be a second investigation to monitor the probe.

But he acknowledged his shift from being a critic of Trump to being a golf partner and ally: "I've enjoyed his company. He beat me like a dog (in the presidential election)", Graham told NBC's, "Meet The Press". "I used every adjective on the planet". Donald Trump's lawyer has declared he will attempt to prevent the publication of the book, threating legal action against one of Trump's former aides Steve Bannon over what he believes are "defamatory" remarks.

A likelier scenario, he said, resembles the past examples of Richard Nixon cracking under the stress of Watergate; Woodrow Wilson after a debilitating stroike; and James Garfield slowly dying from an assassin's bullet. Let's see them run on that platform this November and in 2020.

The website announced the news Tuesday afternoon in a short article posted to the site.

"They have done so for a year, with some debacles (Puerto Rico) but also some genuine successes (the defeat of the Islamic State)".

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