Will Hillary Clinton Read the Audiobook Version of "Fire and Fury"?

Will Hillary Clinton Read the Audiobook Version of

Will Hillary Clinton Read the Audiobook Version of "Fire and Fury"?

But his vessel turned out be, as Bannon has described him, but as everyone - singularly, everyone else in the White House has also described him - his vessel turned out to be a child or to be like a child, a man so desperate for immediate gratification that really nothing could get done.

The interview turned into a contentious shouting match as Miller sought to highlight Trump's "political genius", and host Jake Tapper tried to move into questions addressing Trump's fitness as commander in chief, a topic central to the book. And why can't it be a part of Trump's job to watch TV and tweet? "What he has turned out, this book, is just - the National Enquirer on steroids and that's all I consider it". His narcissism- as expressed while either playing red-button roulette with a nuclear clown or trying to kill a book - poses a danger to the country and the world.

He insisted he hadn't meant to impugn Donald Trump Jr.'s patriotism when he mentioned him by name and called a meeting he arranged "treasonous".

"In the end, what I witnessed, and what this book is about, is a group of people who have struggled, each in their own way, to come to terms with the meaning of working for Donald Trump", Wolff wrote in the introductory. When Trump dumped former communications director Anthony Scaramucci last summer, Hicks, who did not return a request to comment on the contents of the book, took over as his interim replacement.

Tur: Afraid of the other.

The picture painted by the book, said Mr Miller, "is so contrary to reality, to the experience of those who work with him (Mr Trump)". Posting the text of a book without permission would violate copyright restrictions and potentially damage sales. Trump has recently taken to twitter insisting that he's very stable and capable, but with an impending investigation that has led to the arrest of associated government officials, aides allege that he's unhappy and behaving erratically.

I know, we shouldn't be shocked at this.

Trump restates demand for border wall funding, it's a big week in European politics, and travel chaos in U.S. continues.

"I think it's a disgrace", he said. She wanted to get some furniture. The good news for travelers is that the recent cold snap is set to pass today, with temperatures returning towards their seasonal norms.

"The Mercer family, Robert Mercer, had been a major funder, had sold his stake in November in Breitbart to his daughter Rebekah Mercer, who remained one of the owners, issued a statement saying "the writing was on the wall".

Doctors, however, said Alzheimer's was not to blame, noting the disease was diagnosed years after he left office.

- Some heavy hitters have already announced they will be running for statewide office, including former Attorney General Troy King and former Chief Justice Sue Bell Cobb, who is running for Governor.

According to the book, Trump and the first lady have two separate bedrooms. "Now I have to put up with a Fake Book, written by a totally discredited author", he tweeted. Presidential policy is not only objectively verifiable; it's the only presidential report card that matters.

The couple began renting the apartment in the pricey 16th district on Jan 1, 2017, for a monthly sum of €6,054. Let's see them run on that platform this November and in 2020.

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