White House Banned New Interim Security Clearances In November

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But a sense of unease about Kelly's fate persisted. The disease is Donald Trump.

The process of the clearance was believed by US Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats to be "broken" as he urged for its modification. The start of this competition has been overshadowed by the absence of some of the sport's biggest stars after North America's NHL decided not to allow its players to participate.

The substance in that mailing, like the one for Vanessa Trump, turned out to be non-toxic, he said.

"I didn't have the presence of mind and professional capabilities at her age that I see in her every single day", she added, in comments that were slammed by O'Donnell.

Hicks is in the middle of another serious predicament.

Officials have said the security office at the White House was first contacted by the FBI in June, and again in November.

He said such an approach would be faster and more effective than an investigation "having to go to 19 different places to talk to people, neighbors and school classmates and so forth". He called for limits on the information made accessible to those with temporary clearances - a practice that is currently not followed in the West Wing, an official said. Other senior staff were also open to promoting Porter, they said. The Prime Minister says he's innocent and nothing will come of the allegations. Google, Twitter and Facebook have been the focus of a lot of congressional scrutiny over the last year, as details of Russia's manipulation of digital platforms came to light.

McCarthy tried to douse speculation about a possible change, saying: "I have not spoken to the president about anything about a job, and I never have".

No doubt this vexes people who benefited from the free-for-all atmosphere of the pre-Kelly days.

Today's hearing had a different tone.

It is about more than a now-departed White House aide, and has expanded to undermine the credibility of top officials, including Kelly, White House counsel Don McGahn, press secretary Sarah Sanders and her deputy, Raj Shah.

Tech companies have advanced machine learning tools they can apply to tracking Russian activity and the public sector has more intelligence and information about the full threat picture.

House Republicans are investigating how Porter was allowed to work at the White House under an interim security clearance despite the abuse allegations. Historically, the intelligence community provides appropriately cleared individuals with access to sensitive information.

He just blew up their entire timeline and their claim that they fired him as soon as they found out about it by telling the committee that the FBI had finished its investigation of Porter for a security clearance in January and delivered that report to the White House. In early February, the FBI received additional information on the case that it passed onto the White House, according to Wray. He too denied the allegations. The FBI, conducting a background check on Porter, informed White House officials last March about Porter's alleged domestic violence and completed its initial investigation last July, Wray said.

"Her statement implies that those who have been in abusive relationships are not strong", Holderness wrote in the Washington Post. Putting aside the salacious and outrageous underlying allegations, the best way to keep any story alive is to keep changing your story, which the White House has been doing at a breakneck pace. That's unprecedented and dangerous.

The sources said Porter was held in high regard by White House Chief of Staff John Kelly.

A he said-she said between the White House and the FBI will likely ensue and continue, in the briefing room and on the President's Twitter feed.

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