Microsoft confirms Sony is blocking Fornite Xbox One to PS4 cross-play

Looks like PS4 vs. Xbox One cross-play on Fornite isn’t happening after all

Microsoft confirms Sony is blocking Fornite Xbox One to PS4 cross-play

But considering how popular Fortnite has become, it could prove to be a problem for the company as gamers increasingly look for that cross-play option.

This isn't the first time we see blocked cross-play functionalities between PS4 and Xbox One.

Epic Games have partnered with Sony and Microsoft to ensure cross-platform play between gaming devices, such as PlayStation 4 with iOS, and PC with Xbox One. The game was initially released in July 2017 on PS4, Xbox One, Windows, and Mac.

For a company's whose tagline for their gaming console is "this is for the players", Sony's actions continue to speak much louder than their marketing efforts.

So it looks like Sony is the one holding back cross-play between the platforms.

In "Fortnite: Battle Royale", 100 players are dropped onto an island and must fight each other to survive. Whether you're talking Xbox and PC, PC and Switch, PS4 and PC. there are a number of games where people on all sorts of platforms can shoot, stab and strategize against one another, though notably not between Xbox and PS4.

Android users will be notified when the game releases, and will likely go through the same process - receiving a download code to grab the game on their device when it's launched.

The power of the Unreal Engine driving Fortnite Battle Royal is the true hero in this story. So Xbox gamers will be able to play with any PC, Mac, iOS or Android user.

Fortnite Mobile offers the full Battle Royale experience. It is, however, not clear if it was a bug or an effort by Fortnite to demonstrate just how easy it is to enable the cross-platform play from the technical perspective, notes Forbes.

While announcing the mobile version, Epic talked of its vision for the game, saying, "We believe this is the future of games".

Once you've landed at the site, the Fortnite Mobile sign up page features a link for fans to insert email addresses. Players can create forts to "outgun and outwit" their enemies and drop onto the map in a style similar to Fortnite. Android will be getting it within the next few months. PlayStation 4 Battlefield 1 players can only play with other PlayStation 4 players, PC Team Fortress 2 owners can only team up with other PC owners, and so on.

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