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Duterte: Next Ombudsman should not be a politician – and definitely not a woman

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The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration will issue guidelines for the processing and deployment of domestic workers to Kuwait.

Foreign workers in many Gulf states are employed under a sponsorship system that gives employers the right to keep their passports and exercise full control over their stay.

Kuwait, however, protested after Philippine authorities carried out rescue missions for troubled housemaids they said were seeking help and a video of the rescues was posted online. More recently, Manila has criticised President Trump's withdrawal from the TPP and bemoaned the lack of a bilateral free trade agreement with the US.

Note that despite Xi's promises to President Duterte and PDP-Laban's close ties with the CPC, China refused to relinquish its hold on the territories it seized from the Philippines. Duterte currently faces the following obstacles to implementing the BBL. It is sent directly to her family in the Philippines.

In a separate statement, Foreign Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano said, "On behalf of the men and women of the Department of Foreign Affairs, I would like to wish our Muslim brothers and sisters Ramadan Kareem!"

Duterte: Next Ombudsman should not be a politician – and definitely not a woman
WATCH: 3 PH diplomats in controversial rescue video of OFWs leave Kuwait

"One of the things we tackled was the establishment of an OFW Hotline open for our migrant workers 24/7. There's an airstrip", Duterte said, according to transcripts released by the presidential palace.

Initially, Bello said, he was considering of only allowing the deployment of skilled and professional Filipinos to Kuwait until they could assess the implementation of their newly signed memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Kuwaiti government to boost the protection of Filipino HSWs.

Duterte banned the deployment of Filipino workers to Kuwait after the body of a Filipina housemaid was discovered in a freezer in a Kuwaiti home in February in what he said was the latest in a growing number of deaths and abuse of impoverished Filipina maids in the wealthy nation. He has also been trying to ingratiate himself to the military, the other possible source of ouster moves.

I personally have more faith in Duterte being able to reach an accord with both MNLF and MILF than I do in respect of Duterte convincing a selfish Congress to rapidly pass the BBL.

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